About hybrid hard turning and fine grinding

The Hembrug hybrid hard turning and fine grind solutions combine the advantages of hard turning and high precisin fine grinding in one machine. It allows you to use the most suitable technology for each surface to be machined in a single machining platform. One MikroTurnGrind machine can replace multiple, time-consuming and labour intensive machines/processes with a single machine.

Hard turning for instance offers advantages particularly for workpieces having complex shapes and where a combination of internal and external machining is required. The process is also easy to set up and changeover. Grinding however is better suitable for wide surfaces of or thin shaped workpieces. offers advantages where surface finish textures together with process mandates specify that grinding must be used for finishing.


  • Unsurpassed accuracies in both hard turning and fine grinding
  • Lower costs per workpiece through the integration of two technologies in one machine
  • Reduction of process steps
  • You can create a turn-free surface structure integrity when required
  • Reduced cycle times with only minimal material removal during the grinding cycle
  • Micrometer part geometry by both hard turning and fine grinding workpieces in a single chucking
  • Minimal set up times and change over times. Therefore ideally suited for medium to large sized workpiece series where you often change workpieces.

How to use the Hembrug MikroturnGrind lathes

All Hembrug hybrid lathes are hard turning lathes with hard turning as main machining technology. Grinding is always used as a finishing technology. Therefore:


Apply hard turning for:

  • workpieces having complex shapes
  • high metal removal rates
  • a combination of internal and external machining

Apply grinding for:

  • wide surfaces or thin shaped workpieces
  • large interrupted surfaces
  • when a mandatory turn free surface structure required
    for sealed diameters for instance

Are my workpieces suitable for a MikroTurnGrind lathe?

Want to know if a MikroTurnGrind lathe is something for you? Let us review your part drawings and we will gladly let you know whether this makes sense for your workpieces. If suitable, we can provide you with a machine proposal and cycle time study. Please do not hesitate to contact by filling out the contact form. Or contact us directly at sales@hembrug.com or by phone at (011) +31 23 512 4900.

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