Hembrug Machine Tools, a Dutch manufacturer of high precision hard turning machines, supplies one of its models, the Mikroturn 100, to Sumitomo Americas Tooling Engineering Center (A-TEC) in New Berlin. Sumitomo’s TEC includes a large training room for multiple levels of training classes, machines to display cutting tool products and demonstrate on-the-machine training.
The Mikroturn 100, one of the most accurate hard turning machine in the world, will be used by Sumitomo’s A-TEC for product development and training purposes. And through test cutting actual customer components Sumitomo can provide in depth technical proposals. By sharing Sumitomo’s experience and knowledge, Hembrug Machine Tools also expands its knowledge in cutting tooling considerably.

In return Sumitomo’s A-TEC will carry out, after extensive training by a Hembrug application Engineer, certain test cuts for potential Hembrug Machine Tools customers throughout Northern America. The machine will also be available for customer visits. The machine will first be exhibited at Hembrug Machine Tools booth at IMTS from 10-15 September after it will ship to Sumitomo’s A-TEC located in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

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