Hembrug’s Managing Director, drs. Robert Nefkens and Dick Harms, Director of the LiS.

Hembrug has donated an overhauled Mikroturn® 100 ultra precision hard turning machine to the Leidse Instrumentenmakers School (LIS for short). The LIS is a Dutch senior vocational education (MBO) school for precision engineering, where all students follow the Research Instrument Maker course. The LiS has spent years building up a pool of modern and versatile machinery. The Mikroturn® 100 will be installed in the workshop of the new building completed in July 2016.

“The LIS is a school that aims at training students to be able to work with very great precision. A machine such as the Hembrug Mikroturn® 100 was the missing link in our arsenal. Students who can say that they have learned to work on this machine will have an edge, which we think is very important,” explains Dick Harms, Director of the LIS. This Mikroturn® 100 was built in 1996, and Hembrug has replaced the Siemens 840c controller with a modern Siemens 840D Solution Line. In addition, the internal and external sheet metal has been replaced and the machine given a new cooler and hydraulics. The wear-free spindle, which is mounted on a hydrostatic bearing, and the guide rails will in principle last a lifetime. That’s why, thanks to the overhaul, LiS has a machine that is virtually as good as new. The new controller also delivers better accuracy and a much improved user interface.

The Mikroturn® 100 enables the LiS students to raise their practical skills in the area of making precision components to a higher level. Hembrug also offers high-quality internship placements every year. In this way, Hembrug is helping LiS with the training of specialised professionals for Hightech Nederland.

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