Hembrug has set up a new department, the Hard Turning Competence Centre, or HTCC for short. The HTCC keeps itself busy dealing with customer inquiries, such as elhard-turning-competence-centeraborating machining proposals for quotations and carrying out test run projects. It also works continuously on the development of new applications in the area of hard turning. The HTCC is headed up by Bart Venhuis with the support of two application engineers. It has four Mikroturn® 100 hard turning machines, a measuring chamber where the shape as well as dimensional and surface accuracies are
measured, and every tool and clamping device imaginable.

The HTCC supports the Sales department and the worldwide network of agents by reacting quickly to inquiries. And customers are also quickly able to determine whether Hembrug can manufacture their hard turning application in the required time and quality. This helps potential customers to shorten the often lengthy decision-making phase.

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