Mikroturn 100

For hard turning small to medium sized workpieces up to Ø 380 mm or Ø 200×350 mm between centers. By optionally adding a grinding spindle, the Mikroturn 100 can easily be transformed into a light hybrid hard turning and fine grinding machine. The fine grinding after hard turning can then be applied to create a surface structure and quality that can not be achieved with hard turning only.

  • The two Hembrug Slantbed-Mikroturn 100 CNCs continue to be high yield, high accuracy machine tools. The machines are low maintainance and still producing parts to the highest degree of measurement accuracy.

    Richard Peattie Owner Surface Engineering USA

Key features Mikroturn® 100

  • Rigid natural granite machine base with an integrated system of vibration dampers
  • Headstock housing of natural granite for improved static and dynamic stiffness and thermal stability
  • Hydrostatic, high speed linear driven X- and Z-slide with a ± 0.1 µm repeatability
  • Sealed type direct linear slide measuring system -Hydrostatic main spindle with a 0.1 µm run-out.
  • External hydraulic service unit.
  • Heat and vibration generating elements are fully isolated from the machine
  • Siemens 840D control with a 0.001 micron resolution
  • Go to the machine construction page to learn more about the construction of the Mikroturn machine series.


  • Pneumatic precision chucks
  • Electro-Permanent-Magnetic chucks
  • 8/12 position tool turret VDI system with driven or non-driven tooling
  • Part probing and tool presetting systems
  • Hydraulic tailstock with precision center
  • Air conditioner in electric cabinet
  • Water chilled electric cabinet and hydraulics
  • Max. turning diameter 450 mm
  • Max. part diameter between centers ø 200 mm x 350 mm
  • Extended Z-stroke(450 mm)
  • Extended turning diameter to 450 mm


Max. turning diameter (mm) 380
Max. workpiece weight incl. chuck (kg) 100
Max. spindle speed (rpm) 4000
Z(/W) axis travel (mm) 350
X(/U) axis travel (mm) 240
Rapid travers rate (m/min) 10
Slide repeatability (µm) 0.1
Position accuracy (µm) 1
CNC-Resolution (µm) 0.001
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