Our service: everything for your continuity

You can contact us from Monday to Friday for mechanical and electrical support or make an appointment to see a technician.

Between 8 am and 5 pm (GMT +1) we can be reached on:
Contact: Bas Peters – Service Manager
Tel: +31 (0)23 512 4927
For service matters: service@hembrug.com
For spare parts: spareparts@hembrug.com

Service USA and Canada
Contact: Manuel Presslauer – Service Manager
Tel.: +1 281 812-4259-231
For service matters: serviceusa@danobat.com
For spare parts: spareusa@danobat.com


Optimum returns on a machine in top condition

We offer an extensive range of maintenance and servicing options which accommodate the age, user level and general state of maintenance of your machine. This ensures that your Mikroturn machine remains in top condition and optimal useful.

service on contractual basis

You decided if and when you need servicing.

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Maintain the condition of your machine at the highest level.

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Spare parts, remote service or training.

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Give your Mikroturn a second life.

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