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Spare part

Hembrug maintains extensive stocks of OEM parts, most of which can usually be supplied within 24 to 48 hours.

Telecommunications service: Fast and cost-effective assistance

The operating system of the Mikroturn machines is equipped with a network connection, which can be used to establish a VPN connection with it. This enables us to modify the software or to resolve operating system problems directly without the need for a Hembrug technician to come by. In this way you will receive fast, cost-effective assistance.

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Training: For quality and continuity

We provide extensive, tailored training options in the fields of programming and machine operation that contribute to the quality and continuity of your production process These training courses are usually given at the machine and are tailored to your future use of it. We also offer maintenance training that enables you to carry out simple and minor servicing work on the machine.

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Optimisation of the production process: Continuity in the case of changed requirements

There may come a time when the configuration of your machine is no longer appropriate due to
new products or changed production requirements. Together with you we will examine how we can modify the machine to accommodate these new requirements. This may involve minor adjustments, such as a different tool changer or clamping device, but also major adjustments, such as automation with or without post-processing measurement. The continuity of your process is always guaranteed.

optimization of the production process

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