Give your machine a second life.

retrofitting1The Mikroturn® machines retain their mechanical precision even after 20 or 30 years. However, if the operating system is outdated, malfunctions or breakdowns may occur with growing frequency as a result. In addition, it will no longer be possible to guarantee the constant supply of spare parts. Retrofitting may therefore be an economically appealing alternative to a new machine.


The benefits of retrofitting:

  • a greatly improved user interface;
  • greater precision;
  • a guaranteed supply of spare parts for years to come;
  • a machine which is as good as new in return for a relatively modest investment.

What do we do?

Based on the age of your machine and the requirements for its future use, we will draw up a modernisation proposal to give your Mikroturn® a second life.

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Give your machine a second life!

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Standard retrofitting

  • Siemens 840 D Solution Line instead of NUM or Siemens 840C

Extensive retrofitting

  • Siemens 840D Solution line instead of NUM or Siemens 840C
  • new engines and enclosed measurement systems;
  • new cooler.

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