Servicing on a contractual basis

service on contractual basisMaintain the condition of your Mikroturn® at the highest level

Servicing on a contractual basis maintains the condition of a machine at such a high level that breakdowns due to a malfunction are confined to a minimum. After a health check we will draw up a servicing schedule together with you within the term of the contract. A servicing contract is concluded for a minimum of three years.

Your benefits:

  • fewer breakdowns;
  • longer uptime for your machinery;
  • your machinery maintains its precision;
  • the quality of your end products is secured.

You receive the following extras:

  • a 10% discount on parts and labour;
  • 48-hour technical assistance in the case of a breakdown;
  • guaranteed parts supply for the most common parts subject to wear and tear;
  • Remote service* 16 hours per year.

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