The Mikroturn 100 has been revamped in a large number of aspects, perhaps the most eye-catching of them being its appearance. The new colour scheme in signal white and anthracite is the model for the restyling of all Hembrug Mikroturn hard turning machines that will take place in steps in 2018. In addition, the machines come with a thinner and more ergonomic operator panel. Apart from the outward appearance, a number of hidden improvements have also been made.

Improved thermal stability 
The upgraded Mikroturn 100 also has an improved thermal stability. This improvement is achieved by applying extra cooling to a number of important machine components.
An endurance test on 75 brass parts (dia. 50 x 80 mm) for a total duration of 165 minutes demonstrates the high level of process stability. This test is performed without corrections or intervention by the operator. The dimensional accuracy or diameter variation amounts to ± 0.38 µm for the main spindle and 0.56 µm for the tailstock.

Trial duration 165 min, without wear correction or operator input.
Diameter variation
–Tailstock ±0.56 μm (ø)
–Main spindle ±0.38 μm (ø)

Main spindle with integrated torque motor
The main spindle is now equipped as standard with an integrated torque motor which offers a large number of advantages over the old attached motor. The advantages:

-A higher stiffness of the overall drive system due to a lack of a mechanical transmission.(Coupling)
-Improved C-axis behavior, meaning it can be put to good use for milling with a powered tool.
-A 20% better run-out accuracy of the main spindle, which contributes to a high degree of workpiece accuracy.
-Lower cycle times due to the release of full power at low speed (on the 100 Nm version).
-A lower noise level and long service life.

There is a version with 50 Nm or 100 Nm torque avaible, depending on the application.

Lower noise level
Using the latest generation of pumps and motors in the hydraulic unit and oil cooler has allowed the noise level to fall from 74 dB (A) to 62 db (A). An implied reduction in the noise pressure of more than 70%! A lower noise level contributes to better concentration, less fatigue and a better work environment on the whole.

Want to know what the Mikroturn 100 hard turning machine can do for your high precision workpieces? Go to the contact page to contact the relevant area sales manager or agent in your country / area.


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