GrindTec 2016: The 10th edition of the worldwide leading trade fair for grinding technology

Visit us in hall 2 at booth 2131

We are pleased to exhibit at the Grindtec the Mikroturn 100 Mikrofinish. A fully hydrostatic turning machine with an integrated tape-finishing unit. This light weight, compact and high quality tape-finishing unit is developed in close cooperation with Thielenhaus sister company Superfinish Innovation AG. The machine is meant for manufactures of cylindrical, spherical, conical and crowned workpieces that requires a surface finish quality that cannot be achieved by means of hard turning only. The tape-finish process can then further improve the surface accuracy to Ra 0.02 – 0.05 directly after the turning operations.

The advantages of this turn-finish combination are numerous. Integrating two processes in machine is time and cost saving as multiple operations can be done in one set-up. It eliminates the need for a multi-step process that normally would involve two machines. Another important advantage is that because all surfaces can be machined in one clamping set-up it eliminates any possible re-clamp errors leading to better workpiece quality.

The Mikroturn 100 Mikrofinish allows you to meet the highest demands for quality and process reliability. Click on the link below for a short demontration video:
Mikroturn 100 Mikrofinish 

Hembrug Machine Tools
Hall 2 / Booth 2131
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