The Mikroturn Baseline is the entry model of he Mikroturn series and is suitable for high precision turning of hardened and non-hardened workpieces up to diameter 380 mm. The Mikroturn Baseline provides very high machining accuracies. Form accuracies of 0.1 to 2 microns, surface roughness of Ra 0.1 to 0.4 microns and size accuracies up to 2 microns in hardened steel (up to 70 Hrc) are indicative of the machining results of the Mikroturn machines.

The Mikroturn Baseline offers large application possibibilities in the production of highly complex, high precision workpieces. And leads to an significant increase in precision and efficiency in small to medium production runs. The Mikroturn Baseline makes it possible to replace internal and external grinding machines with a more efficient and productive process.

All Hembrug machines are built on a foundation of natural granite with wear-free hydrostatic spindles and guideways. Due to the absence of metal contact between all moving parts, the accuracy is also maintained after 20-30 years.

IMTS 2016, 12. Sept.-17. September
McCormick Place Convention Center
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Bill Alexander, International Sales Manager

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