Ball screw nut Ø 40 x 52 mm


This ball screw nut is machined on the Mikroturn 100 and clamped in a 3-jaw chuck. The goal was to machine the workpiece faster than the current grinding operations, approx. 10 minutes, while keeping the same accuracies. Hard turning can machine the nut in 5.7 minute, considerable faster than grinding and keep the required tolerances.  Click here to learn why hard turning can be up to three times faster than grinding or download this article.

Workpiece details

  • DimensionsØ 40 x 52 mm
  • Material16MnCr5
  • Hardness58 HRC


  • Form accuracy≤ 1 µm
  • Pitch error< 1 µm
  • Total lead error≤ 2 µm
  • Surface finish (Ra)0.3 µm
  • Cycle time5.7 minutes

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