Hembrug now also offers new options for advanced process monitoring. These options can also be supplied for existing Mikroturn hard turning machines. Three integrated measuring systems enable the (hard) turning process to monitored and automatically adjusted before, during and after machining.

Before machining: optical measuring of the insert

An optical insert measuring system determines the overall geometry of the chisel, including discrepancies in the radius and actual wear. Any deviations or wear can be processed immediately before machining.

During the process: measuring of the machining forces

Various sensors measure the machining forces during the machining process. In this way, the quality of the process is monitored in real time. An increase in the machining forces can be a sign of tool wear or tool break. Consequently, choosing a replacement tool is one of the options available. This option is interesting for automated processes or processes with large workpieces requiring long insert contact times.

After machining: Scanning probe

Finally, a scanning probe gives feedback on the quality of the final workpiece before it is removed from the machine. The probe can measure at a maximum speed of 3 m/min, which keeps the increase in the total cycle time to a minimum.

All of these options contribute to the highest degree of process reliability. Interested what these options can mean for your hard turning process? Go to the contact page to contact the relevant Hembrug area sales manager or agent in your country / area.

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